Valeria Mitchell

Realtor, Certified Probate RE Specialist

Preparing Your House For Sale 

Houses in good shape command higher prices and sell more quickly than houses needing work. Target the right areas and any money spent should be a wise investment. Keep in mind, your house is competing with other houses on the market and all new houses under construction. Here is a list of inexpensive, important items you can do to help spruce up your home for a quicker sale.

At the top of the list - get rid of clutter. Put items in temporary storage:

As buyers approach your property for the first time, impressions are formed quickly:

Often, while waiting to be let in, the first thing a buyer looks at closely is the front door, roof, and surrounding area:

The kitchen is often the most important room in the house.  Make it bright and attractive.

It is important that bathrooms are clean, bright and smell fresh:

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